Frosted Skateboards – Creating a Skate Company at 17

Jérémy Séguin, Frosted Skateboards, Frog Trade Show
Jérémy Séguin, owner of Frosted Skateboards at Frog Show in Montreal

When Jérémy Séguin was 16 years old he was working his first job at a bakery; now, just 3 years later, he is the owner of Frosted Skateboards.  The brand, which Jérémy created at age 17, currently has distribution in over 10 shops in Quebec and is continuously picking up speed in the Canadian skate scene. He is proof that age is not a barrier when it comes to chasing what you love.

Jérémy admits that starting his own company from the ground up wasn’t easy. Figuring out how to establish products, create a website, and build a skate team were all new concepts, but the Montreal native has put in the work to earn his success.

“In the beginning there were a lot of people telling me that I was too young to do it,” he said. “But that just motivated me to push myself more and prove them wrong.” With the support of family, friends, and local skate shops, Frosted Skateboards came to life. Jérémy calls the company his baby, and says every day is a learning experience watching it grow.

As a strong supporter of the skate community, Jérémy has teamed up with two skaters from the Quebec area to create the artwork for the skate graphics. Frosted Skateboards is known for putting a dark and humourous spin on traditionally lighthearted imagery. He says seeing people enjoy what he’s producing is the best feeling on earth, and is thrilled to be able to turn his greatest passion into a business. We asked Jérémy what advice he would give other people who are trying to break into the industry. His answer? “Don’t start a business simply to make money. Do what you love, and the money will come along with it.”

Do you want to see Frosted Skateboards product in your local shop? You can reach Jérémy at

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